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Add-On for Embroidered Sweatshirt

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add-on placement

This is ONLY for customers who are already purchasing a Couple Outline OR a Custom Dog Sweatshirt and would like to add on a date, name(s), or initial(s). Design added onto the wrist area will be ironed on. It will NOT be embroidered as compared to the outline photo. If you decide to add date/initial/name below the image, it WILL be embroidered. This add-on is PER item. If you're wanting to add onto TWO matching sweatshirts, please purchase TWO add-ons.

Attach your add-on info to the email you're sending with your photo. The email should include a good quality photo, your add on info, your name and confirmation number. Please specify which sweatshirt will get which add-on if they are different.